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A Profe is a teacher at a predominately english-speaking school who instructs students in spanish. All Profe's are identical clones of each other, and in order to teach, use the same curriculum, videos, worksheets, and posters throughout the classroom. They all have excellent, but very dry senses of humor. No one is sure where the first Profe's originated, but the most wide-held theory is that they were the spawn of an english teacher and a janitor.
"Profe made us learn stories about el gatos today.'
by Jeffy February 27, 2005
A Spanish teacher who rapes little kids. And watches gay porn for entertainment.
PROFE stands for :
profe rapes orphans for entertainment
"bump up"
"give it too me in the yo form"
"stick it in the whole"
" your such a profe"
"its profe time"
by RemeberingSundayyy April 25, 2009
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