usually means professional quality, also used in place of the word cool, rad, awesome, stellar..etc. often used by metal heads, along with the word qual or proquad ,a use of them together, meaning quality or professional quality.
man 1: check this new ibanez i just got.

man 2: Prod! :o
by June 03, 2011
Top Definition
A derogitory term used by Catholics for people of a Protestant religion.
"I hate those dirty fucking prods, the bastards shot my brother!"
by Davey Hinds May 13, 2003
nickname for paul rodriguez down-ass skater for girl skateboards and nike sb. son of the famous comedian paul rodriguez sr. lives in chatsworth.
yo i saw P-Rod skating tha other day man!
by wherethafckisizzy December 28, 2004
Short for production; something made by a programmer such as a demo or cracktro.
I finally finished my prod for Assembly '02.
by Majik Fox January 28, 2004
Reffering to an action.

To do something to someone or something, that you think was pro! You don't need to profesionally do it, you just need to think it was pro!

Pronounced: Prode, like Probe with a D.
I just pro'd on that goalie with my shootout deek.

When I paid that stripper to give me a lapdance, she pro'd on it.

When that mustang pulled up to me, I pro'd on him with my honda.
by High on PB December 03, 2010
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