Reffering to an action.

To do something to someone or something, that you think was pro! You don't need to profesionally do it, you just need to think it was pro!

Pronounced: Prode, like Probe with a D.
I just pro'd on that goalie with my shootout deek.

When I paid that stripper to give me a lapdance, she pro'd on it.

When that mustang pulled up to me, I pro'd on him with my honda.
by High on PB December 03, 2010
professor addict - someone that is addicted to something for a long time and became the professor status of being addicted
god you smoke a cigarette packet a day, you are a prod for sure
by rukia20 April 05, 2011
A religion that condones its clergy and members to bag their piss and find girls under the age of 9 the throw upon.
I have roll my Prod ass off my sister and go thow piss on little girls now. God Save the queen.
by the gay prod March 15, 2007
To take your finger and repeditively make for a person who is having an inner spazz and seems to have lost all outer awareness.
Mike: Hey
*five minutes later*
Mike: You there?
Mike: *prod*
by Theemz April 10, 2006
Not a fenian
- Proud to be a Prod
by J July 17, 2003
usually means professional quality, also used in place of the word cool, rad, awesome, stellar..etc. often used by metal heads, along with the word qual or proquad ,a use of them together, meaning quality or professional quality.
man 1: check this new ibanez i just got.

man 2: Prod! :o
by June 03, 2011
Mans won the lottery!
by Maggit July 19, 2011

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