The act of receiving a blowjob, aided with the help of a Hoover (Vacuum Cleaner)

Use a Henry for best results, as it gives you good eye contact, which as you is deadly sexy whilst in the act.

Can be self-inflicted.
Boy: hey.....wanna give me a probsuction?

Girl: yeah ok......pull your pants down while i plug in the hoover and get the extension pipe.
by poliko September 12, 2009
Top Definition
Composite of the words 'Probability and Suction'. Probsuction is often used as a way of describing a force that causes a fluid or solid to be drawn into an interior space or to adhere to a surface because of the difference between the external and internal pressures. The probability between the suction and release could vary depending on technique and skill.
Jim: How long will it take untill this is finished?
Bob: Well it depends on how powerful the probsuction is.
by Davidtrail84 November 18, 2011
Probsuction a word that defines the act of using a henry or dyson hoover and turning power to full and probsucking your penis
Person 1: Hey Jamal fancy a probsuction today?
Person 2: yeah for sure, do you have the tissues?

Ten mins later...

Person 1: what did u think?
Person 2: it was so sik
by harryj23 August 28, 2010
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