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The act of receiving a blowjob, aided with the help of a Hoover (Vacuum Cleaner)

Use a Henry for best results, as it gives you good eye contact, which as you is deadly sexy whilst in the act.

Can be self-inflicted.
Boy: hey.....wanna give me a probsuction?

Girl: yeah ok......pull your pants down while i plug in the hoover and get the extension pipe.
by poliko September 12, 2009
basically, see shit, gay, paedophiles or pop
who the fuck are mcfly? shit.
by poliko October 29, 2006
a place where all white people stupidly think all asians are from, when really they're from pakistan or sri lanka, bangladesh, lebanon, laos, japan, china, korea etc.....
White guy: u asian init?

asian guy: yeah

white guy: ure indian then?

Asian guy: *Shoots him dead*
by poliko September 07, 2006

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