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1. A goverment sponsered pirate, or mercenary

2. An armed ship, privately owned. Or, a member of it's crew.

3. A reference used to describe a well equiped, mobile, independent business operator with a healthy sense of self interest.

A privateer has hijacked my entire operation.

by AngryCanadian October 30, 2006
Despite its rather fagged out sounding name, real Privateers are basically sea going mercenaries. They were often hired during the Age of Enlightenment to escort merchants and to fight against the Spanish/French/English depending on who they were working for.
omg omg omg wtf hax, that stupid privateer pwned like 4 pirate ships he is teh n00b haxor!
Nickname of the University of New Orleans. Yet the mascot is an alligator.
The University of New Orleans Privateers were one game away from being in the 2004 NCAA Basketball tournament.
by d-Mack April 30, 2004
The best Stepmania player ever to grace the earth.
Holy shit did you see Privateer AAA Sonata Claro de Luna Mov.3? He's the best.
by Privateer January 11, 2004
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