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6 definitions by Twister

The mothafucken thight clothin line that Eminem produced. You can find the new unreleased material at www.ShadyLTD.com
All of the clothes I wear are Shady
by Twister December 05, 2003
82 64
the queen of all stefanies. producer: Todd Johnson (the newscaster).
shorten form:twist
DAMN did you see stefanopolistwist in those pants?

dude IM dating stefanopolistwist
by twister January 22, 2005
1 5
a whores pussy
Ho i want a hocake right now
by twister March 06, 2004
5 10
A feeling when you have an orgasm for having a threesome or being humped by a stranger.
He was having a clurd with his girlfriend's mom in bed with her wife.
by Twister February 25, 2005
2 21
Blow To Completion
She blew me to completion. I spurted my cum in her mouth, and she swallowed it all, smiling.
by Twister March 09, 2004
6 50
pussy repellent fagmobile driven by casey mccoy.
dude that car's shaped like a schlong! What a prius.
by Twister April 22, 2005
141 194