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Most liberal car ever. Dealer installable optional ani-Bush sticker
Lets drive to the forest to hug trees in the prius
by Tim45 November 13, 2005
A hybrid car, which has an electric motor and a gasoline engine, and as a result, twice as many things to go wrong as a normal car. Bought for $27,000 by people who want to save money, who forget that someday, down the road, those batteries will need to be replaced and will cost over $5,000.
I got a good deal on a used Prius, but can't drive it yet because it needs more than it's blue book value in batteries
by Tinker1980 July 10, 2008
A car that is for hippies that think they are better than you because there car gets such good gas mileage when in realty diesel cars get much better mileage and are far cheaper and much more reliable because the engines need to be built stronger to handle the high compression of a diesel engine see the R10 Audi there is a reason why it just won le mans again for the 3rd time. The greatest scam ever created. A car that is driven by people who are think they are informed but are actually not, Because they about of carbon burned in the process of making the batteries per car would make a Range Rover more envomently frendly than the a Prius. A car that has made Toyota the most boring/richest car manufacture in the world, and the smartest move ever by Toyota they have fooled the American public into thinking that they actually care about the environment. Look at how much money the have made holy shit Toyota I tip my hat to you. A car that is destroying my hobby, love of cars, and motorsports there will be no more cheep fast fun cars to drive because of the Prius, and eco-nuts will never understand this because they set the speed limits and are to scared of going fast because it is inefficient and scary because are dumb ass country will not teach people how to drive so lots of people die because they are stupid, and eat ,and talk on their phone and, put on makeup and never focus on what they are doing, driving look at Germany they have untimed speeds on their freeways but have a better driving record than us because they obey the road rules keep their hands on the wheel and have to take many test before they get there drivers license, and so there for because of the Prius it is destroying my hobby the only thing in is world that has always made me happy no matter how bad things are and now in 20 years time will be gone so we can save the whales.
no dad don't buy a Prius you are a Republican what are you doing. and the car is for hippies that save the whales get a TDI diesel.
by wseroyer June 16, 2008
An undeniably gay-ass piece of machinery, used exclusively for the transportation of utter knobs, including idiot celebrities and tree-hugging sooks. As it turns out, a recent, extensive survey conducted in the US (by CNW marketing) suggests that in terms of TOTAL environmental impact (not just petrol consumption etc, but the costs of production, recyclability of parts etc.) even the Range Rover Sport is more environmentally friendly! Take that enviro-twats!
Reginald C. Twattington: Good day to you my young lad, what a fine morning! What luck that I decided to purchase a toyota prius from my local vehicle merchant, i do so enjoy driving and trees and such!

Baz: Twat. Get a real car.
by Jebuszilla January 17, 2007
The most evil vehicle ever created, owned by preppy, condescending, ignorant, annoying, stuck up, Unpatriotic, YUPPIES who should take their gas mileage and shove it up their asses.

Owners of the Toyota Prius think they are better than everyone else who ever lived just because they have the finacial means and/or desire to purchase this car.

All owners should shut up and stop talking about how good their stupid little flaming car is and focus on other things.

Not to mention, Foreign cars are helping to destroy America
YUPPIE(condescending tone): I love my new Prius it gets so much gas mileage.

Normal Person: The economy is so bad I can barely afford to own my '92 Ford.

YUPPIE(condescending tone): I also am helping the environment, what are you doing?

Normal Person: Trying to not go bankrupt!!!!
by PRIUSHATER! October 17, 2008
Horrible car made by Toyota. Overpriced and for old aged hippies who think they are saving the world. Real world driving of 40mpg. Thats 10mpg less than your average VW Golf TDI. Slow ass car that should be destroyed.
Golf Driver: OH SHIT I JUST SMOKED THAT PRIUS!!!! (and I get 10 more mpg)
by Priushater November 08, 2005
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