break under pressure, like a pringles chip
That pringle can't handle the pressure.
by F1sh January 22, 2010
a snack chip that is commonly eaten. The original flavor is still one of the best though being rivaled by cheez ums.
damn deez pringles is good!
by jiggawhut?! October 12, 2005
Used in Fighting games, being Pringles means you are about to lose badly. It comes from the Pringles tag "once you pop you can't stop". Taking that into fighting games, once you got hit, he isn't going to stop.
Player 1: Dam man you looking like Pringles.

Player 2: You keep hitting that same combo there is nothing I can do.

Player 1: So you just gonna get Pwned all day.
by GPx2 July 19, 2009
one who does not do well under pressure; in dating, the party who always gives in
Ted was being a pringle when he ran away from the fight.
by bread infection October 09, 2005
official sponsor of the American Revolution, Lewis and Clark's exploration of the West, the Napoleonic regime and General Patton's asskickery
American Merchants: "England has prohibited ships from bringing tea into the colonies that is not from the East India Tea Company.
Continenal Congress: "Oh, that's a shame."
American Merchants: "There were also Pringles in that cargo."
Continental Congress: "WAR!"
by John Hancock, Space Pirate May 11, 2011
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