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A word meaning fly, or cool.
"That shirt is so pringles"
by SAYproductions August 30, 2008
one of those snacks where you have to have a competition with your friends to see how many you can fit in your mouth and eat without spitting them out or gagging. Our current record at work is 19.
I could try to eat more pringles but the first competition has left my mouth like i've been chewing barbed wire.
by r browning March 26, 2008
When one is classified as a pringle, he/she is considered, cool, full of flavour and everytime people see you, they get a melty feeling in their mouths.
Hey man, that guy is such a pringle.
OMG hes so hot and pringley!
by Jerikoa May 11, 2013
Where the duckface originated from. They are potato chips that are often branded with a curly mustache dude. The flavors include original sour cream and onion, bbq, cheddar cheese, etc.
by LuxLucisLight October 20, 2011
Pringles is code for A2M
Bro A: Dude, that bitch is hot
Bro B: And nasty too, she gives out Pringles left and right
by Sour Cream Pringles March 27, 2009
A girl who was seemingly innocent, but after having sex she becomes a whore.
i.e. "Once you pop you just can't stop"
Jenna used to be modest, but now she's straight up pringles.
by Notorious ADD January 09, 2009
A Female NCO that thinks she people like her because she is cool. In reality she passes around like a "Chip" by her leadership.
My NCO is such a Pringle.
by ex 114 kat February 26, 2011