Sexual move involving the act of having sex with a condom made out of bubble wrap
Hey Roger let do the Pringle!

Once you pop you cant stop

by RectalDiamonds May 12, 2011
one of those snacks where you have to have a competition with your friends to see how many you can fit in your mouth and eat without spitting them out or gagging. Our current record at work is 19.
I could try to eat more pringles but the first competition has left my mouth like i've been chewing barbed wire.
by r browning March 26, 2008
When one is classified as a pringle, he/she is considered, cool, full of flavour and everytime people see you, they get a melty feeling in their mouths.
Hey man, that guy is such a pringle.
OMG hes so hot and pringley!
by Jerikoa May 11, 2013
Pringles is code for A2M
Bro A: Dude, that bitch is hot
Bro B: And nasty too, she gives out Pringles left and right
by Sour Cream Pringles March 27, 2009
A girl who was seemingly innocent, but after having sex she becomes a whore.
i.e. "Once you pop you just can't stop"
Jenna used to be modest, but now she's straight up pringles.
by Notorious ADD January 09, 2009
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