one who kills you in halo after a recent battle between you and another player, killing you after you have been weaked by the other player, doing it excessively
sage stop pulling off a princess you fucking cheater
by sacz69 January 11, 2008
Princess a fat bitch who knows nothing. And is constantly asking people for stuff such as money and food. A disgusting girl as well. She also smells like cottage cheese/
John: I think im gonna go get something to eat

Princess: Oh can you get me a bag of chips, fruit rollups.

John:Fuck such a Princess.
by kingofday September 15, 2010
One who resides in Team Cerise dreaming of lipsuction, G&Ts and the Puz
The Kings if dead, long live the Princess
by lib November 11, 2003
NOT a slut, not an annoying bitch. Beautiful and nice manners. It's the girl of ur dreams.
This world is filled with bitches. If you find a princess in those girls, i'll kill myself.
by fuck everybody else May 09, 2005
beautiful girls with long dark hair. Smart and carefree. Have the best personalities. Their names are usually Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, Amanda, Ariel, Mulan, Tatiana... etc.
You know that girl Amanda? Yeah she is a Princess.
by bananasacv April 11, 2011
A princess is your one true frined. You homie g skillet biscuit, the one you share your Eucerin calming cream with when they gots dry skin. That one person whoes your little hot dog that you hide in your closet when they move away. And the one that you tell to run when Ali wants their body!
Run my little Princess Ali wants your body!
by secret princess baby cakes December 05, 2009
an effeminite looking gay guy, a faggot princess, a wrist-dropper, a sissy-queen- usually used in derogatory fashion
Hey guys! Check out the lil princess strolling down the sidewalk! What´s the hurry, sissy-boy?
by luca-boy June 03, 2005

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