she's beautiful, and gorgeous
nd evry guy wants to be wit her
shes hot, but she thinks she's normal.
But when really she is above normal; she's an angel.
wow man that chick is soo hot!! She must be a PRINCESS.
by davexOwnz123 March 07, 2009
beautiful girls with long dark hair. Smart and carefree. Have the best personalities. Their names are usually Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, Amanda, Ariel, Mulan, Tatiana... etc.
You know that girl Amanda? Yeah she is a Princess.
by bananasacv April 11, 2011
an effeminite looking gay guy, a faggot princess, a wrist-dropper, a sissy-queen- usually used in derogatory fashion
Hey guys! Check out the lil princess strolling down the sidewalk! What´s the hurry, sissy-boy?
by luca-boy June 03, 2005
A princess is your one true frined. You homie g skillet biscuit, the one you share your Eucerin calming cream with when they gots dry skin. That one person whoes your little hot dog that you hide in your closet when they move away. And the one that you tell to run when Ali wants their body!
Run my little Princess Ali wants your body!
by secret princess baby cakes December 05, 2009
A female, who has no boundaries as to what she will do in the bedroom and performs the task at hand exceptionally well. Further, the Princess is also known for driving across town in the middle of the night to hook up with a specific guy and even possibly his buddies on the request of the first guy. The princess is also known for being in a relationship or married and still “servicing” other men.
“Two buddies talking”
Guy 1: Bro, Jessica came over last night and we hooked up!
Guy 2: Dude she came over to my house last night and we hooked up too!
Guy 1: There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t let me do to her!
Guy 2: Yeah, I know!
Guys 1&2: Jessica is such a PRINCESS!
by EjayM July 18, 2008
NOT a slut, not an annoying bitch. Beautiful and nice manners. It's the girl of ur dreams.
This world is filled with bitches. If you find a princess in those girls, i'll kill myself.
by fuck everybody else May 09, 2005
She is no little dummy, and she knows how to make it all about her. Not MOUS certified, but inspired to do so. While others may claim her title, there is only one true princess. The others must remain in waiting and admire her from a far (Kentucky). She doesn't mind hanging with loser girl and is always willing to eat some greasy french fries at midnight.
Carmen is the true princess; Fara is only in waiting.
by Coconut February 26, 2004

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