A person who loves to see the world revolving around him only. In addition to being a jerk, he loves to cut money off of programs like healthcare and education. Also, he's a huge joke and needs to step down NOW!

"HA HA HA! For my next order of business, I will cut millions of dollars in healthcare and education." says president bush
by BAH BAH! February 04, 2008
proof that even the dumbest, laziest, and most self-serving person can become president of the united states... assuming you have a rich white family.

see also: moron
I don't know who is dumber: President Bush or the country itself for re-electing him... He must have fixed the election somehow... 30% approval ratings don't lie!
by CHvictor February 07, 2007
Synonym for "retarded Texan who misleads his country into war for the personal benefits of his partners and him"
President Bush is a lying douche. Hang him now.
by Thrash Attack Zack March 31, 2007
Viscous -- as in oily.
President Bush, the well-oiled machine of Satan, aka The Dick, will enlist you as soon as he gets orders from his Superiors.
by ganchar July 16, 2006
The most horrific yet awesome pet name for a vagina.
Her President Bush is makin' my soldier SALUTE! Yeeeaaaah boi!
by therealrec October 02, 2010
1. a sloppy, loose, vagina that will do whatever a dick says. also prone to raping penises for no reason, but always using an oil-based lubricant.

2. a commanding, demanding, bossy woman's nether-region. You must always salute, and it will hold occasional press-conferences.

3. the commander-in-queef.

4. the 41st or 43rd President of the US.
President Bush says it's snack time.

President Bush ordered an attack and is demanding a torpedo launch.
by urbanegentleman April 03, 2011
The President that is somehow "misunderestimated", and just found out that "a lot of our imports come from other countries".
"The reign of error, is over" - Robin Williams on President Bush at "We Are Most Amused"
by GamenDork April 18, 2012
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