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combination of a jerk, and an asshole.
My friend matt is a jerkhole.
by Corndog April 21, 2004
Beating your boyfriend's ass with a paddle until he loses control of his bowels, resulting in a shower of brown "treats".
"Last night, Alexi gave me a Brown Pinata. I'm wearing a diaper as we speak."
by Corndog January 06, 2005
A bandwagon jumping, whiney, criminal, obnoxious, fair-weather supporter of the Colorado Avalanche. Not a true fan. Often reeks of skunked Coors.
Man look at all the Avholes getting down on their team... they act like the Stanley Cup is their birth right or something.
by corndog October 24, 2004
Slang for douche bag homo, a bit of a let down. Generally someone who is a pain in the ass.
Me "Darren Buckingham, are you staying for drinks tonight after work".

Darren "No, I'm off booze at the moment so I'm going home to cuddle up to my bean bag and watch Friends."

Me "You massive Queg".
by CornDog January 30, 2014
A penis covered in fecal matter. Yes, it is far too disgusting to fathom.
My boyfriend and I enjoy snacking on corndogs, if you know what I mean.
by corndog March 25, 2003
someone who is way fucking crazy, will laugh at hot coffe spilt on a bitch's lap and then get pissed off when the cunt sue's and gets millions of dollars for being stupid. also a person who has a very funny style of music taste.
i like fat, it taste alot like bacon dipped in butter!
by Corndog February 21, 2004
Ian is a dumbass... Clinton never got the majority either... twice!!!
Man, I'm sorry about speaking out of my ass... I guess I just pulled and Ian!
by corndog October 24, 2004

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