A man's flaccid penis and balls, especially when wrapped in tight underwear.
Look at my new boxers: they really enhance my pouch!

With your new thong, your pouch sticks out leaving nothing to imagination.
by perforMAN May 13, 2006
Top Definition
1. Used to express peace out for the non-thugerated.
( originated from Dan Chen)
2. More than one pouch is the wrong definition.
1. i'm outta here pouches.
2. Pouches guys.
by daniel chen January 02, 2004
A small pouch of tobacco that come in tins for the purpose of dipping. There are about 10 pouches in a tin.
Skoal, a popular smokeless tobacco brand makes a tasty citrus pouch.
by Steven Robinson August 20, 2008
when a thin armed, skinny legged woman has a bulge in the middle of her stomach--ie a pouch like a kangaroo would have. this women seems to acquire an average looking body until you view their abdomen--a bulge of fat.
Mike: shes average, the one over at the bar sitting down.
(woman stands up)
Fred: eww dude shes sporting a pouch!
Mike: damn those pouches!
(mike starts sobbing)
Fred: it'll be okay buddy
(patting Mike on the back)
Fred: if she did some crunches, that pouch would be nonexistent..i think...
(mike continues to cry even harder)
by Ivosha January 07, 2007
A marsupial version of the expression tits
Dude check out that Awesome gastropod

Yeah man that is totally pouch
by pouch man mike October 21, 2008
A person who cant handle anything and never does anything well.
Tim: "Where's Johnny?"
Frank: "He went to bed"
Tim: "What a pouch"
by OzzieBloke February 01, 2008
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