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A simple device, usually a potato sack, attached to a man's waist so that another person may sit in the pouch and have access to the man's penis 24/7
Get in the pouch, bitch.
by Weeeeees December 03, 2007
7 27
slang term for male testicle(s).
Before he forced anal sex upon his victim, Kobe Bryant (star of the LA Rapers) told her "lick my pouch bitch ... and don't bite"
by Matt Margolis August 25, 2004
20 40
a slang term to describe a hot woman, one you would dream about having sex with. Can be coupled with other words and adverbs.

From the use of pouch as the vagina. as in "i want her pouch"
"dude, that chick is puch"
"she is pouchtastic"
Guy out the window of a car yelling at a woman: "PPPPOOOOOOUUUUUUUCCCCCHHHHH"
"Man this place is PC: Pouch City"
by Tom January 10, 2005
19 42
A man's flaccid penis and balls, especially when wrapped in tight underwear.
Look at my new boxers: they really enhance my pouch!

With your new thong, your pouch sticks out leaving nothing to imagination.
by perforMAN May 13, 2006
12 38
the sound made while ejaculating
as i blew my load, i heard, "pouch"
by butt muncher December 16, 2002
3 40