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short for putrid. a disgrossting occurence.

Pronounced P-Yooch
ugh that tattoo on her penis was just puch

friend: you want to eat carrots?
I: puch
by kovstar February 22, 2007
Puch: Great, strong, fast, the ultimate. Anything positive.

Originates from Puch, Austrian vehicle manufacturer (from Puch Maxi mopeds to 4x4 Haflingers).
Aka Steyr-Daimler-Puch.
Puch, pucher, puched, puching. That car is puch. That Mr T guy is quite puch. That is the puchest thing i've ever seen.
Did you see Knightrider earlier? KITT was puching in a stock-car race.
by Gompo July 16, 2005
A puch is a puch, you puch.
The beginnings of this word came from Chunk, but he is a puch so it was spread by greater beings(aka Ween, Sporky, Ghood).

Any and all forms are valid: Puches, Pucher, Pucherific, puched, and anything else you can think of.
A. Plod is a puch.
B. Suck a puch, you puch.
D. You PUCH.
E. cracky is a puch.
by BichWine April 27, 2004
To punch someone in the cunt.
Steve Shitcoughski: "Hey bazza, see that mole over there"
Bazza (The Fuckwhit): "Yeah, i see the bitch"
Steve Shitcoughski: "Im gunr go puch the mole"
Bazza (The Fuckwhit): "Choice bro...... you wouldn't want to buy a Supra uleh?"
Steve Shitcoughski: "Fuck off Baz!"
by Puch Master September 05, 2006
(Pook) A small motorcycle and car company. Also maker of trucks and tractors from Austria. Sold by Sears and Roebucks in the 50s-70s and remaned them Allstates. Motorcycles are knowen the world over for there odd design of two pistons with one firing chamber. Also knowen as the Twingle.
Hey my dad owens a puch.
Is that one of those Puch Twingles?
That dudes a pucher.
by clayboyrat April 12, 2008
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