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A masturbation session using and condom on the dude's dick. Posh in the sense that there is no need to clean up.Posh wanks are renowned for feeling better than normal wanks and make the user jizz cum faster. Posh wanks are best served on a monthly basis as they can be gotten used to is this happens the only known cure is to go back to normal wanks for about a month then go back on to posh wanks once then another month long break.
I had a posh wank recently I got the jonny's from my local pub I cummed inside of 2 minutes
by lloydoyd March 06, 2011
16 17
1. To wank using a condom.

2. Or, if you're really posh, get your butler to do it.
Think I'll have a posh wank, don't want to make a mess.

Jeeves! I need you!
by MaidenMan March 24, 2007
563 141
To masturbate having first gone to the trouble of donning a condom.

The idea being that the extra time, effort, financial investment and ceremony involved separate this from a base, brutal or "lower" wank - the ocassion suggested by wearing a condom would usually only arise in company, and more specifically for pentrative sex with a special other.
i wasn't going to see lisa for 4 days, and i had the time and felt like spoiling myself, so i dressed the old chap up and had a posh wank.
by Dave D Dangerous December 27, 2004
454 107
To masturbate whilst wearing a condom. Hence, to posh to clean up after yourself!
He was having a posh wank.
by Flaps March 04, 2003
367 130
Where A Man Masturbates Whilst Wearing A Condom.
Henry - "Fuck Did I 'Ave A Good Posh Wank Last Christmas Eve!"

Greg - "You Wanna Be Careful You Dont Snap Your Banjo Cord!"
by Joe Nazmdeh November 18, 2005
129 75
To masturbate whilst wearing a condom.
Im too good to clean up after myself, thats why i posh wank.
by petedude101 May 25, 2006
103 52
to masterbate while wearing a rubber, sometimes called a fancy wank
i'll treat myself to a posh wank then kill myself
by stick October 23, 2003
118 81
What David Beckham has to settle for when she's not quite in the mood for full sex.
David was busting for a fuck but Victoria was feeling tired after not eating all day, so David had to be happy with a posh wank that evening.
by JacobMarley45434 April 29, 2011
47 22