After San Francisco this is the next city with a big Gay Scene! probably #2 in America.
butch: I don't like the gays in San Francisco..where else can we go?
butch 2: I heard Portland is pretty gay
by tyree89 March 23, 2011
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Portland only wishes it had anywhere near the amount of activities and attractions that Seattle has!
by Piranha March 09, 2006
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Think Seattle without the canyon's of skyscraper's. Portland has the same population as Seattle, BY FAR way more crime then Seattle. It's a dirty city with a high poverty level. Downtown, Inner Northeast, and North Portland area's are full of thug's, gangbanger's, drug dealer's and are predominatly Black and Hispanic.
Portland (563,000 Total) 401,000 People Are White
37,000 People Are Black
38,000 People Are Hispanic
32,000 People Are Asian
56,000 People Are Mixed

Seattle (580,000 Total) 393,000 People Are White
49,000 People Are Black
31,000 People Are Hispanic
76,000 People Are Asian
30,000 People Are Mixed

Portland is currently undergoing one of the most major highrise progect's in the northwest called the "North Macadam" which is 409 acres of undeveloped property in which will be built hundred's of skyscraper's and condo's. People who say Portland is a wannabe seattle are misguided. They normally think Portland is just downtown while it actually expands about 15 mile's east of downtown. Portland's overall land size is approximately 3 time's as big as Seattle's. Seattle's land is approx. 47 sq. mile's, while Portland's land is approx. 134 sq. mile's.
Rich Guy Bob: Hey i'm from Seattle, i'm rich and i just try to act ghetto.

Maniac: It's that Portland Woodlawn Park Blood Gang.

Rich Guy Bob: We are Gang Member's.

Maniac: Naw nigga this some real talk, Bridgetown Blood city. Fuck Seattle and they wannabe asse's
by Dimarlo William's June 09, 2007
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A city located in the Pacific Northwest, Portland contains people also known as hipsters, who only care about biking, the pursuit for a great cup of coffee, and lastly organic everything, not just food. Portland is a wannabe of Seattle and New York while also trying to strive in their own direction where people have mixed opinions on Portlander's lifestyle.
Wow, Portland is being taken over by hipster bike riders that decide to cruise on car lanes when they have empty bike lanes to the right of them, how nice and safe.
by soooogummy June 29, 2011
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A borough of the fictitious Liberty City in the video game Grand Theft Auto 3. Portland is said to be based on The Bronx/Brooklyn/Western Queens.
Portland = Bronx
Staunton = Manhattan
Shoreside = Jersey
by George Bush May 13, 2004
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A smallish west-coast city. Heavily populated with liberals and counterculturists, it is a Democrat city holding a Republican state hostage. Known to corrupt people once they move within the city limits, creating arrogant, rebellious youths who style themselves as revolutionaries and try to rebell against every possible institution. This has created widespread drawbacks and has caused the birth of many new ways to refer to the city, such as:
"Oregons' Cesspit."
In the end, Portland is a festering sore in the otherwise pristine Williamate valley.
"Hey, do you think this black mascara makes me look rebellious enough to go to the punk show tonight?"

"Hey, do you think if I put my bra on backwards I could start a trend?"

"Hey, do you like my new messenger bag? I was tired of my old one, it had a brand sticker on it and I felt like I was supporting some evil corporate empire, so I set it on fire in somebodies' mailbox."

"Dating Portland girls is like fishing in a ditch: if you do catch something, you're gonna need antibiotics."
by Heck yes I'm JM June 12, 2006
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A town in Connecticut that is full of pussies. Everyone in this town is hit and suck at sports. No one ever wants to fight because they are all hicks and pacifist. Everyone and anyone, guy or girl, is extremely ugly and beyond immature and have no fun what so ever.
Do you ever go outside and have fun, play sports, or date anyone?

No, I live in Portland
by OHYEAHx3 March 19, 2011
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