A city in Oregon where a keen stench of rebellion and hipster fills the air. Everyone hates everyone and you only fit in if you are homeless, beautiful, or own stock in Nike. The population of white girls increases at such a rapid rate that a Starbucks must be opened at every corner in order to prevent famine. No one knows if pot is legal or not but every 80 year old with "glaucoma" smokes it. The people of Portland also have their own dictionary that consists of: Yeah, Naw, Dope, Huh, and "No, it's too mainstream..." Pack some form of self defense as your current view of what's cool may be stolen and gang raped.
Person 1: " I live in Portland."
Person 2: " Sorry I don't have change."
by gratatashibe May 18, 2014
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Portland is the largest city in Oregon, USA and is well know for its Forest Park and the Rose Garden. It is sometimes rainy, but it is sunny just as often. Portland gets wet winters, chilly-warm springs, warm summers, and cool falls. It is near both the Pacific Coast and the Colombia River. It surrounds an area of the Willamette River. It is decked with trees and flowers. It has peaceful neighborhoods on the east side of the river and a busy downtown area on the west side. The schools there are great and the city is packed with assorted resturaunts that will suit even the pickiest eaters. It is considered one of the most children-friendly cities around. There is also Portland, Maine.
I am thinking of taking a vacation this winter to Portland, OR, where there won't be snow piled up outside my door each morning.
by Funnyfavorer November 01, 2011
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The largest city in Maine. About a hundred miles north of Boston, Massachusetts, Portland is built on a peninsula in Casco Bay. About 150,000 people live in the area, including South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, and other nearby towns.

The city has burned down and been almost completely rebuilt four times. One of the fires was caused by the town being ordered burned down by an angry sea captain denied service at a bar.

Portland, Maine is the city Portland, Oregon was named after in a coin toss. If the coin had landed on the other side, the city in Oregon would be called Boston.

Portland is also the birthplace of the authors Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Stephen King.
Portland is the best city in northern New England for the miles of beautiful rocky beaches. The snow is great in the winter, and the water off the coast gets warm enough to swim in by June.
by R V February 29, 2008
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Oregon's largest city, known for its gay mayor, Sam Adams, and his affinity for teenaged boys, Tonya Harding, and people who like to sit in drum circles (a hippie version of a Circle Jerk).

It's also know for it's higher than average percentage of women who refuse to shave Earthmuffins, tree-hugging, effeminate men, and people who have a genuine hatred of any mode of transportation that isn't public or pedal powered.
Person 1: Hey, I just had a woman with hairy armpits, who smelled of Patchouli ask me to protest the city's lack of funding for people who want to change their gender. They're going to kick the protest off at a drum circle, and wrap it up by singing Kumbaya.

Person 2: Oh, well you must be in Portland, Oregon.

Person 1: Why yes, I am. How'd you know?--Oops, gotta go, I'm getting felched by the Mayor Adams.
by PDX Lover April 18, 2011
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The largest city in the State of Maine and probably one of the best cities in the world. It may not be New York City, but it's still pretty awesome and has some of the best food in the country!!! Actually, years and years ago, Portland had some of the tallest buildings in the country. But like I said that was a long time ago. :)
Hey, have you been to Portland, Maine? That city is awesome!
by Jack Poulin May 16, 2011
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a burn run; going to smoke marijuana while driving around in a rural area. derives from the Portland Trailblazers
Joe: Dude, what you doin tonight, man
Shane: I dunno, wanna go to Portland
Joe: Yea, I have some spaghetti O's that aren't goin to eat themselves
by pssst yea April 30, 2005
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The largest city in Maine. Portland, Oregon's namesake. The first, the best, the original.
Portland, Maine, is what anyone who's anyone means when they refer to Portland.
by newmainer November 15, 2006
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