Top Definition
Funky looking mustache common among male porn stars
"hey that pornstache sure distracts from his huge member"
by Shower Stalker February 28, 2003
having a moustache that resembles Ron Jeremy's, world known porn star.
Heheh, that dude got a fucking porn stache.
by Ricky Roma October 25, 2003
A otherwise normal mustache that somehow manages to do nothing but make its owner look seedy.
Dave's attempt to grow facial hair ended in a rather disturbing pornstache.
by Jeramiah Quimby July 05, 2009
ill-advised moustache resembling a moustache a porn star would have.
CSI's George Eads was sporting a pornstache for several episodes.
by MustangWithInk June 30, 2007
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