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A White Nationalist acronym meaning "Zionist Occupied Government".
by Hannibal November 06, 2003
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, delicious
People taste like chicken.
by Hannibal April 17, 2003
The most extreme variety of fucktard. There's always one nearby who won't shut up.
STFU you fucking jacktard before I donkey punch you.
by Hannibal March 29, 2003
Grabbing the nearest dick handy and pumping for all your worth.
I wasn't expecting it, but suddenly in the middle of class, he gave me a Lake Jackson Handshake
by Hannibal March 29, 2003
Similar to an Arkansas Waterfall. An overflowing toilet pouring onto the floor caused by the clogging by loads of fecal matter embedded with Skoal.
The young uns was bored so we went to the old age home to look for a Lake Jackson waterfall. It sucked cuz all we found was a sloppy grandma.
by Hannibal March 29, 2003
A rare breed of land whale.
I went to the store to buy milk, but some ring ring cleared out the place
by Hannibal March 29, 2003
1. An oxymoron, as any self-respecting rigger monkey welcomes violent penetration.
2. Imitating an orangutan while engaging in an unwelcome and unexpected donkey punch.
Hey sweetie, what's your #? Can I take you out some time for dinner and a movie and afterwards a quick rigger monkey rape?
by Hannibal March 29, 2003

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