noun.;The sound a honda civic makes when accelerating.

hey, thats the sound my car makes!
*hits gas peddle*

by Jaren November 26, 2005
Ughh I can't stand that poot.
yeah i know. That hoe tried to steal my man.
by blahh<3 October 29, 2013
shorter word for puta or putain
-(girl walks up to friend wearing low cut shirt) hey!
-omg your such a poot.
by merrcat December 08, 2010
An exclamation - to describe something that sucks, stinks, bites, blows, or otherwise exhibits gross inferiority; or, the negative reaction to an unwelcome situation. This is the proper, accepted British usage.
"That poots!"
by Robberbaron Snotbuckets October 06, 2008
A nice way of saying shart or "I sharted", a.k.a. a cross between farting and taking a load

Its a cross between "poop" and "toot"
I pooted

Sharted is innapropriate, but you may say Pooted

by pootyfart April 30, 2008
An unidentified substance excreted from the female genetalia after an orgasm. Usually brown in color and blamed on other people. Other forms of the word include poots, pooted, pootage, pooty poots, and pootles.
Person 1: "That was a great orgasm!"
Person 2: "What is that brown poot coming out of you?"
Person 1: "I don't know, it must be from you!"
Person 2: "I think you definitely had some pootage on that."
by D's Hoes March 26, 2008
Shortened version of putang, slang for vagina. See: Putang.
Did you stick your cock in her poot?
by Juanathan March 27, 2007

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