A fart caused not by digestion, but by the forcing of air into the colon by anal sex
A: "It's so embarrassing when I poot while we're having sex, but I can't help it."
B: "What's a poot?"
A: "It's like a queef from your butt."
B: "Isn't that just a fart?"
A: "No it's different."
by Matilda Bbl December 05, 2014
Poot = Poop + Toot. The equivalent of a shart but for anyone under age 2.
I thought you just had a toot but looked and it was really a poot.
by NickPDX September 16, 2014
The act of pushing out a toot too hard and a little poo slithers out of your bungole.
Don't you hate it when you're on a date then you try to let out a harmless fart and it turns out to be a poot.
by BholeItaliano July 10, 2011
The french way of calling a girl a betchh.
That is girll is soo mean she is such a poot.
by I lovv chocolatee May 18, 2008
a poo and a toot at the same time, poop ,fart
Somebody pooted...
Oh what's that poot smell?!?!
Your're a poot ball
by staringatpeoplehehe March 01, 2014
A nickname giving to the activity of playing Modern Warfare 2 Or Call of Duty Black Ops. Also the most ridiculous, amazing clan on Black Ops. Spelled pooT. Pronounced poo-ty.
What are you doing tonight?

I'm headed home to get my pooT on.
pooT den?

Damn straight!
by Sporto699 April 20, 2011
an affectionate term mostly used to define cats, but can be used as a noun to show affection toward your love one(s).
I love my furry little poots, they are so loving.

I love you, you're my poot <3
by gracie4938 April 28, 2010

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