a sound to describe dissapointment, or a sound to describe when your not expecting something bad. eg. being unexpectedly shouted at
Mum: sorry kids we cant go to the cinema today
kids: poot

Girlfriend: how are u today babe?
girlfriend: poot!
by DinkyDizzy May 08, 2005
1. An unusually well-ventilated excretion of gas from the rectum of a mammal, specifically a male miniature Shnauzer.
2. An interesting and thought provoking new word.
3. The essence of cool.
4. The act of sexing one up. (To pootify.)
"Sniffy has made one too many poots today, let's kill him."

"Oh man, that is so poot."

"I wanna pootify that!"
by kari vanner June 01, 2004
pooting (poo-t-ing) verb

The act of besting someone in a competition of wit and/or skill; especially acts relating to sex and board games
I'm totally pooting all over your face right now.

I pooted on your mother last night after a nice seafood dinner, and I'm never going to call her again
by philipius maxximus Kohnimus April 27, 2011
to go poop...need we say more??!!
i pooted...
by jrs1234 November 26, 2010
a term of endearment
"you are such a poot! that's why I love you"
by Mrs.Poot March 04, 2010
poots means sex
are you rooting for a pooting?
are you wanting sex?

do u fancy poots?
do u fancy having sex?
by baby92 May 25, 2009
The act of pooing and booting at the same time.
Fred: What happened to you last night?
Dick: Oh man, I ended up pooting from that Chinese food we ate.
by JSpoot January 07, 2008

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