An exclamation - to describe something that sucks, stinks, bites, blows, or otherwise exhibits gross inferiority; or, the negative reaction to an unwelcome situation. This is the proper, accepted British usage.
"That poots!"
by Robberbaron Snotbuckets October 06, 2008
A nice way of saying shart or "I sharted", a.k.a. a cross between farting and taking a load

Its a cross between "poop" and "toot"
I pooted

Sharted is innapropriate, but you may say Pooted

by pootyfart April 30, 2008
a sound to describe dissapointment, or a sound to describe when your not expecting something bad. eg. being unexpectedly shouted at
Mum: sorry kids we cant go to the cinema today
kids: poot

Girlfriend: how are u today babe?
girlfriend: poot!
by DinkyDizzy May 08, 2005
Poot is the slug-like pet alien belonging to Kreeblim from Bruce Coville's novel "My Teacher Fried my Brains." Small, furry, and with eye stalks and no skeletal structure, it is reminiscent of Star Trek's tribble.
He cuddled his pet poot.
by Peter Murawski March 22, 2005
1. An unusually well-ventilated excretion of gas from the rectum of a mammal, specifically a male miniature Shnauzer.
2. An interesting and thought provoking new word.
3. The essence of cool.
4. The act of sexing one up. (To pootify.)
"Sniffy has made one too many poots today, let's kill him."

"Oh man, that is so poot."

"I wanna pootify that!"
by kari vanner June 01, 2004
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