1.) A nonsensical place holder, commonly used in math.

2.) Often used to describe when a situation doesn't work, or if something means nothing.

3.) Also, it can be used as an expletive.
1.) Is it a Z-score, T-score, or poot?

2.) It means poot.

by Autumn Ai April 28, 2009
An unidentified substance excreted from the female genetalia after an orgasm. Usually brown in color and blamed on other people. Other forms of the word include poots, pooted, pootage, pooty poots, and pootles.
Person 1: "That was a great orgasm!"
Person 2: "What is that brown poot coming out of you?"
Person 1: "I don't know, it must be from you!"
Person 2: "I think you definitely had some pootage on that."
by D's Hoes March 26, 2008
The act of pooing and booting at the same time.
Fred: What happened to you last night?
Dick: Oh man, I ended up pooting from that Chinese food we ate.
by JSpoot January 07, 2008
A female fart or one of light and airy tone with mild smell.
She couldn't have farted, because girls poot!
by warewoof September 11, 2003
An exclamation, usually said when things do not go the speaker's way.
Variation: pooty
"Well poot! I really wanted to go there today, but it's closed..."
by Tatari June 10, 2003
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