an affectionate term mostly used to define cats, but can be used as a noun to show affection toward your love one(s).
I love my furry little poots, they are so loving.

I love you, you're my poot <3
by gracie4938 April 28, 2010
The noise half cats (a cat with no head half, just a butt, hind legs, and tail) make when blowing their whistles with the only hole they have.
"Lim, will you stop pooting?! I need some thinking time."

"Pooootttt poot poooooooooooooooooooot poot!"

"I mean it Lim."
by MasterOfBation[TeeHee] April 24, 2010
2 words combined making 1 Poop and toot combine to make Poot, synonymous with the word shart meaning to poo a little when only intending to fart
i cant trust my ass after those tacos, i might poot!
by 1toncaddy July 14, 2009
Weed that has already been used in a vaporizer such as a volcano
We hit the vape then emptied out the poot into Le Poot Cup.
by ducksleeping January 25, 2009
The act of taking a photo of ones self in the bathroom mirror while making a pouty face.
Did you see that lame profile pic of Yasmine pooting? What's up with that?
by alltheoldlionsza June 28, 2011
To poop and toot at the same time. Same as shart only for little ears.
-Daddy I tooted and have poop in my butt.

-Son, thats called a poot.
by jt1jacobs September 05, 2010
A word originated from Chaminade College School that basically means a girl is a slut/whore
1)Dave: Yo bro check out that poot

by Ross Tafari November 02, 2006

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