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When the vagina, is large, and the clitoris is stretched as if going into labor.
Dude, that chick got banged so many times, her vag is like a poonjabi!
by CannabisDilemma October 30, 2009
1> Human of middle eastern descent.

See also:
dune coon (dc for short)
sand nigger
The damn poonjabis are taking all of our jobs because they will do (insert job funciton here) for minimum wage.
by Hoing Chong January 13, 2005
Strokin the poon long and hard with your pippickhose.
I poonjabi'd that ho so hard I thought the bitch was gonna start bleeding.

My pippickhose hurts from poonjabi'n that ho so hard.
by Smy May 10, 2004
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