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Origin: Originated from a high school in the state of Washington.

Definition (Specific): noun. Someone having the appearance of, or smelling like, Jabba the Hut's pussy.
Definition (General): noun. A complete douche bag, or someone who sucks at life, sucks his moms cock, and/or likes to rub his pets' genitalia.
That dude is such a poonjabba! He, like, totally raped his goldfish!
by DYeag/MoHeg, Inc. May 13, 2009
An individual who could easily have a few select instances of poon but misses out because he is such a poon himself.
Nate Baublits, you could totally have tapped that, you are the original Poon-Jabba.
by Great-Chief Highlander May 02, 2010

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