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by Noddy April 10, 2003
poof on the bbc three comedy little britain, daffydd thomas, who wears tight leather clothes, and has a really annoyin accent, who lives in the barely knwon welsh village of llandewi brefi (or whatever!) and claims to be the 'only gay in the village' when clearly, he aint.

get over urself daffydd. You aint the only gay in the village.
'help me with the shopping'
'oh i cant im gay'
'my own mother! im callin childline!'
by Soph Lee June 29, 2006
Men who ride on the other bus. We regular take the normal bus whereas these ones take the OTHER bus.
Bobby: Hey jimmy! Where you going?

Jimmy: To the OTHER bus!

Bobby: WHat bus?

Jimmy: Where we get random objects shuved up our rectum!
by Jimjo March 14, 2005
1. what u do wen ur takin a shit
2. what u do wen a bunch of tough guys r about 2 dent ur face in
3. wat gay guys do wen ther guna b beet the shit out of from al these guys who hate gays but they throw ther fairy dust
1. i gota take a poof man!!!!
2. lets poof n disapear b4 wer all killed!!
3. o no not agen! i gota poof outa here agen!
by Chet and Josh November 02, 2004