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5 definitions by NaLo

A symbol of respect to a parental figure, or someone that you respect.
Freedom Writers: one of Erin Gruwell's teenage gangsta students call her 'momz', after she respects them for who they are.
by NaLo March 31, 2008
10 1
being high, or coming down from a high. being totally baked, stoned, lit, ect.
Dude, Kevin was totally gorked at school!
by NaLo April 18, 2008
24 16
serious, seroiusly... usually used when asking a question.
Are you cereal, snap ,crackle, pop?
by NaLo April 12, 2008
4 3
A man or male teenager, who pretends or acts, studly, sexy, like a player, or more masculine than he really is.
That guy says that girls are lining up to go out with him, but he's such a poof!
by NaLo April 18, 2008
9 9
A lot, super, extensive. Another word to use instead of 'hella'.
Urban Dictiomary is jella awesome!
by NaLo April 01, 2008
6 6