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A word which here means rubbish, totally crap or of such cheap origins it is laughable. Originally created in mockery of a holiday in such a horrible place by the masters of words Adam and TeeJay in Maths 2006.
Eurgh!! Look at that kia... Pontins!
She was a bit... Pontins!
by Adam Fishy July 09, 2006
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1. a: A hairy asshole.
b: Usually found on a forest ranger.
2: a: Axel frog.
b: 50 Cent
3: a: Furry tennis BALLS.
Ex 1: Godammit! Did you see the pontin on that kid?

Ex 2: Godammit! When that forest range needed to groove, his pontins were in the wide open, and he told us they had pride.

Ex 3: Godammit! What the fuck is up with this pontin singer person frog.

Ex 4: Godammit! That pontin was shot in da hood!

Ex 5: Godammit! You stole my extra furry pontin. Don't carress it. Or, massage it. You'll break it! FUCK!
by Butros June 21, 2006

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