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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet she will never let you down no matter what and she will always be by your side. Without her you r nothing. With her you are safe; shes someone you can depend on when no one cares about you
by MR. P.i.M.P March 17, 2010
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classic name for an essex girl, or any other shaz/chav etc's daughter, ie the little kids who have been born to cheap slappers, usually while the cheap slappers are in their teens, in the noughties, especially since footballer's wives started. Always done in an attempt to make them look 'pawsh innit'
shawon had a little babby gawl de ova day.she cawled her chardonnay innit
by charlie November 07, 2004
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1) A popular varietal wine made from the eponymous cultivar of white grape. It is particularly favored by book clubs, housewives, and concerned mothers.
2) A girls' name that, in common with most names related to a kind of alcohol, probably relates to how that child was conceived (even--no, especially--in the case of teen moms).
1) After dropping the kids off at soccer practice she drove her minivan to the liquor store. She wanted to pick a good bottle of chardonnay to impress her friends that were coming over to discuss Fifty Shades of Grey.
2) Have you met my children yet? These are my daughters, Brandy, Chardonnay, and Whipped Cream Vodka.
by Weasel Dan February 16, 2015
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An overly obsessed, gospel freak who constantly plots towards the demise of her friends. She currently from her physical and mental areas, and seeks attention the weirdest ways. She complains on tasks that don't matter, and has many momentary happenstances that disconnects herself from the world. Chardonnay is the girl that everyone calls odd. She’s self involved and conceitedly stuffy.
Girl, don't go Chardonnay on me.
Ooo, she completely Char'ed on me.
Hold my earrings, I'm about to pull the sweet chardonnay outta' this girl.
You know she's a char, look at her jeans.
by Keith1111111 December 24, 2007
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