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Ronny is the name given to someone who eats cum.
Ronny is the term given to the genitals of a female whale.
by Sarah18293844559348 November 24, 2007
Children or immature adults that do nothing other than annoy everyone and destroy the atmosphere of the room
These ronnies won't stop screaming at us.
by GGmansucks November 24, 2010
a fat sack of shit rednneck with blonde hair and yellow teeth. he is known for being a wana-be nazi.
man look at that kid hes a ronny
by shittydicktits March 21, 2009
a ronny is a fkg hottie with a body. a bodacious manly man who is amazing in bed. usually compatiable most with chicas who can suck some dick. and with people with the name melissa, or mel :)
that sexy boy over there is totallllly close to a ronny.
by mel23 January 09, 2010
Ronny is Short for the name Ronald a name givin from the scandinavian Settlers, Ronny is usualy a Scottish, or either English name.
Hey theres Ronny, what Nationality is he? i think hes mostly european.
by Zombro-scotland July 10, 2008
Slang term for Whales Vagina.
Did you see that, looks like she's got a ronny.
by DrSnow May 05, 2005
A ronny is a very stupid, dumb, geeky and a faggy person.
Briambo: Man, You dumbass ronny
by briambo April 11, 2004
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