The country in central Europe known for tall people, volleyball, vodka and extremely hot chicks. The school system is really hard, so when someone can give you a definition of surface integrals, knows what the capital city of Somalia is, and recognizes Charlemagne on some medieval coins, he is probably polish middle school student. The citizens of Poland drink gallons of alcohol and don't get drunk at all. They use vodka as an energy drink during volleyball games and skijumping. Polish girls are damn hot, and they speak English with strange russian accent, but their grammar and vocabulary is better than native americans'. When polish workers cant finish the task, they call for brothers, cousins and every second friend, and they get it done in 2am in the morning, but thats ok, because they dont charge.
Unfortunately other nations will never understand polish humor, since its based on polish language, which is fucking hard and has been never understood by any non-polish person.
Wojtek: Are you sure its vodka?
Tadeus: Its pure alcohol dude!
Party in Poland
by dafuq February 03, 2012
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An Eastern European country whose inhabitants, contrary to popular opinon, are NOT DUMB. Polish citizens, in fact, have won Nobel Peace Prizes in every category, and Polish scientists, philosophers, explorers, and mathematicians have made numerous beneficial contributions to their respective fields (ultraviolet light; the set theory; semantic language theory). Marie Curie (née Sklodowska), the esteemed chemist, was a Pole. Poland also, naturally, has the most attractive women.
Poland used to possess the most powerful army in Europe.
by N.B. November 01, 2003
...and remember: during the Second World War Poland was occupied by nazi Germany, and germans, not poles, build concentration camps (like Auschwitz-Birkenau) on polish soil to kill jews and polish in the act of genocide. THOSE WERE GERMAN CONCENTRATION CAMPS, NOT POLISH!
Over 2,000,000 jews and polish were murdered in Auschwitz-Birkenau by germans.
by indigo February 15, 2005
Wonderful country in eastern Europe. Good food also. Some of the most intelligent people I know are from poland. Very nice country.
Polish chicks are hot
by australian February 27, 2005
The first country to defeat the Soviet Union in war. The country that defeated the Teutonic knights, ending German supremacy for hundreds of years. The occupied nation with the largest Nazi resistance movement in World War II. The first Eastern Bloc country to break free of communism. The second country in the world with a written constitution (after the U.S.), and the first in Europe.

Not to mention their rather extremely beautiful women.
I'm not Polish, but they've got one of the most interesting histories in the world.
by mtrisk July 22, 2005
Poland is a great country. And for those people think it takes three of them screw in a light bulb, well... you're wrong. Poland has provided many intelligent people to the world.
Although i was born in America, i have 100% Polish blood, and I'm proud of it.

-And the girls really are hot-
by Kielbasa April 19, 2004
a country in middle Europe
Copernicus was born in Poland.
by Stoper[FSO] June 11, 2003
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