Pics Or Lies!
When someone states something so outrageous, that someone demands pictures to prove that it occurred.
Often occurs on IRC, web forums or group messaging software.
<sqz> hmm, should we demand pics of Darune_Albane so we can imagine if his sis is hawt?
<camille-nya> imagine danny devito with lipstick and a tutu on
sqz puts head into vat of nitric acid
<distelvogel> pol, or it didn't happen!
by sqzme February 09, 2008
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bastardized pronunciation of the russian word for sex.
Person One: What are you doing after school?
Person Two: Having pol with my cat.
Person One: Ew.
Person Two: Just kidding. Your cat.
by velocitygrrl January 18, 2006
passed out loughing
Alucard: Bro, watch this: www.....
todesengel: pol
by PurePwnage Alucard & todesenge January 26, 2010
The best penguin in the world.
Hilarious, lovely and cheeky, a Pol will make you laugh until your eyes bleed.
They are always extremely talented even though they don't know it, even if you remind them EVERY DAY.
A Pol will always be a great friend, and man do they love to hang around on icebergs, what a penguin!
Friend- Hey, is that Pol?
Friend 2- No that's a penguin doing ballet!!
by pdawgydawg August 12, 2012
Its a russian word describing the gender of OBJECTS, NOT a verb. All objects have a sex in Russian, whether its a table or a dildo.
about a car : "She's a beauty" ; pol of car = female
by Yaro June 11, 2006
pol is basicly a better word for lol
that was so funny, pol
by dontstoptillyougetenough April 28, 2012
piece of lard
that fat chick is such a pol
by PIMPDADDY6912345 August 18, 2010
Pol is a friend of yours (pal).
"What You Doing Tonight?" Friend One.
"Dunno,You Getting On It?" Friend Two.
"Yeah Pol." Friend One.
by rubygal-xx July 01, 2010

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