Abbreviation for Puke Out Loud.

When somebody says something that is too affectionate causing people to cringe in disgust.
Guy: Hey my shweetum schmuckums baby boo boo..

Girl: Hey darling honey sugar cutey bear.

Friend: POL!
by TjNinja February 10, 2011
A gang of 3 thugs from Oregon. They drive sick whips wit big custom rims. They dress fresh and always got da newest shit! They even rap and Summer 2010 first album release!
guy 1: "have you the song Slow it Down by POL?"
guy 2: "ya man they fresh as hell when that album drop!?"
guy 1: "Summer 2010 man!"
by P.O.L June 14, 2010
Abbreviation for Pouch of Love. Established about two years ago; it is a small group of people who are best friends that happen to be awkwardly close. They enjoy having parties, and cuddling with each other. They also dont seem to mind that the vast majority of the population is creeped out by them. Please see "Cult" for further definition.
cultPOL loves to cuddle. :)
by rebekahtheamazing December 25, 2009
An alternate to the common LOL acronym; Peeing On Lap
POL. You are one FUNNY cracker.
by Sixto Mercedes July 09, 2011
It's like LOL, but for those on the iPhone who can't quite type with the non-landscaped keyboard.
Person 1 - "I kid you not, this thing was HUGE - it took out the entire city!!!"

Person 2, on iPhone in an attempt to answer quickly - POL
by serious14 June 21, 2009
Points of Light, referring to the general theme for D&D 4.0
Man, Earthdawn is a perfect PoL campaign world for 4.0! Great fit.
by logjam July 10, 2008
so funny you poop out loud
omg that is so funny pol
by Danny and Colin April 22, 2007

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