Piss Out Laughing. Only used online.
IvanW: and thats the joke...
AndyW: POL!! stop it, you're making me wet myself :']
by IvanW December 17, 2007
POL is short for paroxysm of laughter. The same thing as ROTFL and LOL except POL's a lot better.
Bob143: Did you see him last night?...lol
John5830: pol
by Jeff Ch October 01, 2006
A short little slang for a polish person, that is not necesarily as offesnive as pollack. It is to be noted that it is not spelled 'pole', as it comes from the word polish.
Of course he's crazy, he's a pol!
by Mike Ostrowski September 10, 2006
Penis Out Loud,just something random to say when you're bein stupid like "Hubbergugul" which has no meaning,put it in UD if you want...i don't care. UD...Urban Dictionary.
Boy: *pulls pants down*
Girl: POL!
by The stupidest kid. August 15, 2006
Pics Or Lies!
When someone states something so outrageous, that someone demands pictures to prove that it occurred.
Often occurs on IRC, web forums or group messaging software.
<sqz> hmm, should we demand pics of Darune_Albane so we can imagine if his sis is hawt?
<camille-nya> imagine danny devito with lipstick and a tutu on
sqz puts head into vat of nitric acid
<distelvogel> pol, or it didn't happen!
by sqzme February 09, 2008

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