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bastardized pronunciation of the russian word for sex.
Person One: What are you doing after school?
Person Two: Having pol with my cat.
Person One: Ew.
Person Two: Just kidding. Your cat.
by velocitygrrl January 18, 2006
The male genitalia.
Robert has a very large karkaleek, but he seldom cleans it.
by velocitygrrl January 18, 2006
An acronym for Small Penis Boy.
I was going to hook up with Reed but then I found out he was SPB!
by velocitygrrl March 18, 2009
Sexy. From the russian word pol.
Oh, my god, did you see that polie man? He had no hair, but he had really awesome glasses!
by velocitygrrl January 18, 2006
The female genitalia. Also the word 'cat' in Russian.
She's got the loosest koshka I've ever seen. She had me put both hands up there. Then she had me clap.
by velocitygrrl January 18, 2006

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