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v. 1. the act of making quick or abrupt thrusts with a sharp object (e.g. penis)
2. the act of striking a person with a short straight blow
My boyfriend was poking me in the butt as I was trying to fall alseep.
by Cristal December 10, 2003
adj. Being in a state of having to poop imminently, but not necessarily urgently. In other words, when you can feel a turd trying to poke its way out your butt hole.
Hey, can we pause the game for a few minutes? I'm poking.
by MmmVomit April 16, 2014
to insert fingers into the vagina in a thrusting motion.
Girl:Mark tried poking me last night.
Girl2:OMG, did you let him?!
Girl: Of course!
by breadandjam February 12, 2012

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