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forever is until you find somthing better.
honey, i will love you forever. (six months later) honey, i'm leaving you for a 20 year old who has her clit pierced.
by evan January 14, 2005
Tami is the name of my mother. It means "one who is beautiful, brilliant, and loving."
My mom is such a Tami.
by Evan April 07, 2004
1. To express disappointment, and/or used in reaction to an unfortunate event.
2. Used in reaction to flattery/compliment(s).
Oh shucks, we've run out of milk!

Person A) You look wonderful today. Person B) Aw, shucks!
by Evan November 15, 2004
when a guy puts his nuts over the eyes of a female and places his penis near the top of the mouth.
Steve gave Cynthia a Bulgarian Gas Mask... She loved it.
by Evan April 19, 2005
Anagram for:

Apple of Enlightenment (an object in the video game Earthbound)

Age of Empires (Game series by Microsoft)

Area of Effect (self explanitory)
by Evan September 21, 2003
One of the greatest bands known. A German Industrial band, blending the sound of heavy guitar riffs, with the electornica of a music sampler and insane drumlines.

Formed in 1994, released there 1st album, Herzeleid(Heartache)in 1995,with songs like 'Herzeleid'(Heartache),Du Riechst So gut'(You smell so good)'Rammstein'(Back story in other defs lol Rammstein),'Laichzeit'(Spawning Season),and so much more, forming a foundation of great music over the years. 2nd album released in 1997 Sensucht(Longing) was a great album including songs like 'Sensucht'(Longing), 'Eifersucht'(Jealousy), and more. There 3rd was from a Tour, Live Aus Berlin(Live from Berlin)released in 1999, a great hit, with thier songs well played, even live. Then in 2001, the best album in my opinion,the 4th, besisides Herzeleid, Mutter(Mother), with incredible songs like 'Links 234'(Left 2 3 4),'Sonne'(Sun), 'Zwitter'(Hermaphrodite),'Rein Raus'(In,Out),and of course 'Mutter'(Mother), then in 04 came there 5th called Reise Reise(Rices Trip-literal) with the best song 'Keine Lust'(No Desire), and 'Mein Teil'(My part), and in 05 , now, i think the new albm is Reise Reise II(2), but im not sure, look for it!!!

The greatest band ever, my opinion, the rock, check 'em.

"Have you heard the new Rammstein single Benzin?"

"Yea dude, it rules!!!!"
by Evan October 09, 2005
oral sex given to a male while showering with a sexual partner
I recieved amazing shower head from my girlfriend this morning.
by Evan June 20, 2002
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