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A nonsensical exclamitory used in many cartoons, in many situations. Dextor's Lab shows "->poit<-" when Dextor teleports. Another randon cartoon showed ->poit<- when someone got slapped.
Brain: "Poit... What is poit? Do you mind telling me that?"
Pinky: "Well... it's a lot like 'Narf or Zort..."
by lordbaddkitty April 12, 2005
An expression used to end a rhetorical question. First used in a popular animated
program appearing on television in the middle 1990's.
Gee Brain, isn't that what we do every night? Poit!
by Pinky November 16, 2004
"poit" was used in many cartoons in the 70's for Mad Magazine by the famed cartoonist, Don Martin.
Whenever Don Martin drew a cartoon of a woman with large breasts he would draw one of the breasts popping out of a tight dress with the sound balloon "POIT" making the noise of the breast being released from the dress.
by QmasterQ November 05, 2009
Another name for water or fluid in general. The superlube of life. Also used to replace of words in a positive context. can also be spelt poirts & ports.
OMG i have zero poits.

ewww, this is tainted poits.

of poits(course) i'm from portsmouth.

Silly wabbit, your poits is leaking everywhere

by Jon Snow April 12, 2007
the sound a small pebble makes when dropped into a small body of water
The pebble went "poit".
by Starrbarr July 28, 2006
n. A very weak fart.

v. To make a very weak fart.
*On the way to S.A., TX*

Rohit: *poit*
by Michael Maughton January 01, 2008
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