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1.one who is still feeling sketchy off the effects of ecstacy.

2.those who are retarded due to excessive use of ecstacy.
1.when i wake up in the morning and feel a crazy afterglow from the rave last night, i feel e-tarded.

2.those e-tards in the corner of a rave that stand around like dumbasses talking about nothing and giving eachother massages.
by pinky June 30, 2004
A pussy pleaser is a man's dick... it pleases women's pussies!
His pussy pleaser felt so good inside of me!
by PINKY June 27, 2004
Sellin narcotics(weed,coke,x,pcp, all dat shiitt)
yo kid, ever since i started pushin i got madd doe.
by PiNkY April 11, 2004
A Catholic high school for girls who are too busy doing better things with their time than wasting it coming up with shitty definitions meant to insult those attending other possibly rival schools. Nor do they host parties on the same night as one of that rival school's most important dances of the year.
Most Marymount students are well-rounded: attractive, athletic/artistic, intelligent, and successful young women.
by Pinky March 17, 2005
An expression used to end a rhetorical question. First used in a popular animated
program appearing on television in the middle 1990's.
Gee Brain, isn't that what we do every night? Poit!
by Pinky November 16, 2004
unwiped excrement hanging from anal pubic hair
see above
by Pinky August 14, 2003
what you say when you have no idea what to say or when you're bored.
"doobeedoobeedoo... soo.. what's new?"
by pinky April 13, 2005
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