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A poit is someone who writes poetry, but is not famous.
Jill: My favorite fake poet is this kid sam I know.
Henry: Oh, do you mean poit?
Jill: Yeah, that!
by Beebes July 22, 2009
An all-purpose word, usually used to avoid answering a question.
"Billy, did you do your homework?"

by Kiko December 16, 2003
Poit is the fluid as a result of sex. ie: sperm
Susie: My little jaunt with billie in the bathroom was nice, but he got poit all over my dress!
by TheVoice December 19, 2004
POIT, the explosive sound of vaginal farting during intercourse or directly afterwards as the penis is withdrawn.
POIT!!!! "Damn, that slut emits POIT with all of that air fucked into her cuntie LIKE NO TOMORROW; shit, man, she's as bad as those POIT explosions when I fuck her brother"
by Rob Jackson May 02, 2005