The Punani Odor Department. A Department in which things can either be complained about or appreciated. Mentioned only in awful cases of smell.
"Damn, Brittany, I have a complaint to file in the P.O.D"
by Complaintobrittany September 08, 2009
Past Out Drunk
by ronda November 06, 2003
(n): A bitch so basic she doesn't have a mom. Check for firmware updates regularly. May or may not need to plug in at night.
"Yo, is that chick a pod?"
"Check for a belly button."
by L Ashton June 06, 2014
Ping Of Death
Generally, sending a 65,536-byte ping packet would violate the Internet Protocol as written in RFC 791, but a packet of such a size can be sent if it is fragmented; when the target computer reassembles the packet, a buffer overflow can occur, which often causes a system crash.

In recent years a different kind of ping attack has become widespread—ping flooding simply floods the victim with so much ping traffic that normal traffic fails to reach the system (a basic denial-of-service attack).

-from wikipedia
a P.O.D. is one way to crash a computer/network, but is less effective then other DOS/DDOS attacks. Go get yourself a botnet
by mynoduespisused January 15, 2012
Pick of Destiny

from the movie
"Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny"
"let me see the p.o.d"

"the what?"

"p.o.d, pick of destiny!"

by aliad May 09, 2008
to get pissed at something or mainly someone who apparently failed to get laid on and is now seeking revenge. (note: mainly revenge on bitches).
I'm so gonna P.O.'d that bitch
by googoogaagaapimp October 04, 2007
1)Pile of Dogshit (not a piece but a PILE)
2)A person with the lowest mentality and absolutely no motivation.
3)A person just short of being a vegetable.
Ooooh! You didn't hire that PODS did you?
by albee al-bee October 21, 2003

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