Pussy On Demand
Jamal: Wow, look at that lambo, that niggas got bank
Me: Fuck his lambo, he's got no girls, I got P.O.D. I don't need a fucking lambo.
by Titty Jon September 28, 2013
Pussy on Demand, usually a girlfriend or a girl with low self-esteem/morals who puts out when you want.
One of the benefits of a girlfriend is the P.O.D
by Quintana and O'Brien April 26, 2012
Past Out Drunk
It's someone so tired as soon as they hit the pillow their out. And they go into a heavy sleep nothing will wake them up.
Mom: "Taylor is P.O.D."
Me: "Haha I kno right."
by Biscut Gravey September 25, 2011
a term used in poker games and is derived from the two words, pot odds, implying the odds of the pot.

pot odds pods
i dont want to fold there are some really good pods.
by hurleyburley23 April 19, 2008
A widely used golf term meaning "man" or "dude".
Wow, Pods that was a great shot!
by somethingvague September 15, 2006
People of Distinction-Strive. People in a small group striving for excellence to distinguish themselves from their peers. This distinction is earned by great effort that produces outstanding achievement.
The Orca POD-S from Mr. Wiseman's class had the highest scores on the English TAKS test.
by David L. Wiseman August 13, 2006
Past Over Dosed; Dead.
Bob P.O.D'd from snorting too much llello.
by yank November 18, 2003

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