He jus drink eh bu.....and he chull.
.....not required...Pods kewl dyude
by Hosur Road June 01, 2006
P assed
O ut
D ead

After smoking dank nugs one is so high that they fall into a sleep that they cannot be woken from.
Jose was P.O.D. after ripping that bong.
by Olmec May 01, 2008
used in paintball to hold your extra balls that dont fit in your hopper
extra paint
person 1- did you see me dumping pods on that bitch
person 2- yeah, than you ran out of paint and he bunkered you
by pbnotjst4lifebeballininheaven October 22, 2009
mp3 player
by T_watts February 22, 2010
A band of Christians, a good band. In my Opinion.
Guy: Who is P.O.D.?
Jordan: A kick ass band!
by Amanda S. June 25, 2005
A group of friends who spend a lot of time together to the extent they almost live together. Generally have lots of inside jokes and can tell you where one of the members (a Podling/ Pea) is at any time of the day.
"Those guys are a pretty tight pod."
by podling October 09, 2010
an amputee person who has had both legs removed but still has arms so has to use a wheelchair.
Hey, who's that guy with no legs in a wheelchair? That's patrick the pod, he had both his legs amputated because of excessive smoking!
by Stainie March 28, 2010

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