Best Christian Rock band ever.
by ~max~ June 29, 2003
(v.) Passed Out Drunk, the state of being passed out after you've completed the TUD (throwing up drunk) stage. It may also include blacking out.
Matthew got POD in his car and left it running all night until someone called the police on him.

Niki got POD before the Ke$ha concert, she never made it in...oops!
by text group March 08, 2011
Pussy on demand
This party is boring, let's go someplace where there's P.O.D.
by Outlaw1978 November 05, 2010
Best group ever.
Still isn't as good as P.O.D
by tiziliAN September 21, 2003
Post Orgasim Disgust. When you hook up with a chick and get off you suddenly want to leave right away because you realize how gross she really is.
I hooked up with this chick and got off, suddenly I had a terrible case of P.O.D. So I grabbed my clothes and ran out of there
by Bigouch November 29, 2005
When a woman is upset by a new found sensation during sex where one is conflicted by the feeling of having to "P"ee OR the possibility of the best "O"rgasm ever!!
Jenny: "Mike and I had sex last night and I was so freaking PO'd!"
Natalie: "Why, what did he do that pissed you off?"
Jenny: "Oh, he didn't do anything, but it started to feel very strange, like I had to pee, but also very good, like I was going to explode."
Natalie: "Oh, THAT!! :) Just give into it and hold on for the ride of your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by JacknRochNY April 18, 2009
Pop-up Overhead Detonator

A hidden antipersonnel device designed to spring 14 feet when its proximity sensor registers movement within 20 feet of its position. At the apex of its trajectory, it will detonate, showering an area of approximately 120 metres square with flechettes designed to penetrate soft targets such as unarmoured vehicles and personnel.
"Those POD deployed out there should keep those pesky guerrilla raiders away for at least tonight."
by Peezee-Ark October 05, 2003

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