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1. v. to T-bag
2. n. a derogatory used to describe a tool or douche bag

One day while on campus, the Poching Posse realized that the world was lacking at least one swear word; we decided to discover it through our ingenuity. Of course, it would be a four-letter word, that is a given. The first consonant could not be the same as any other existing swear; we arrived at "p" after trying before it the preceding 15 letters of the English alphabet. The four-letter word must end also with a hard consonant sound. After the process of elimination, we arrived at the "ch". The remaining vowels were a no brainer. Now for the definition: what is the most grotesque act that yet has received an accompanying swear word? T-bagging of course. Each time the word is pronounced, its profanity and explicitness increase.
Nate: Dan and I were wrestling the other day, I got him in a lock and totally poched him.

The police officer did not have to get so close to me after pulling me over for a speeding ticket. He totally could have poched me from that distance.
by LaBarba September 25, 2009
the offspring of the offspring of the all powerful cake/brownie god "Meme"
Poch! ur grandma is Meme!!!! Sick!!!!
by fyhffh December 03, 2010
a term of endearment used by lesbians to other lesbians
hey poch i have a boyfreind and you do too, but im a lesbian like you
by gail row November 12, 2011
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