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Poche means Posse. refers to the old arcade/sega genesis game Lethal Enforcers II. The game graded you with ranks, the lowest being Posse and the highest being US Marshall. The mediocre sound of the game (at least on genesis) led to many words sounding like something else.
P1's rank: "... DEPUTY MARSHALL!"
P2's rank: "... Poche!"

My Friend: "YOUR GAY"
Person Insulted: "Say what, son??"
Me: "Poche!"
by Inspector Lebrun August 19, 2008
During a game of beer pong, a Poché is the act of chugging a cup with the ball still inside, cradling the ball on the lips, then with a "THWUKKK" sound, spitting the ball across the table and making a cup.

Best when performed when a player would like to win in style, lose in style, or when a player is quite drunk. Also best performed without a shirt.
"I just made a poché. That was awesome!!"
-"Yeah man, way to go."
by Zack123123 February 02, 2011
Slang for rohypnol, rohypnol(flunitrazepam hydrochloride) is a powerful sedative reported to be up to 10 times stronger than Valium. It is manufactured worldwide where you can get it with a prescription. It is the most prescribed sedative in Europe. It is neither manufactured or approved for sale in the U.S.
"Man I took some poches last night and I'm still poched"!
by azIceMan May 21, 2009
A depressed engineering student. Recognizable by the dark circles under their eyes from lack of sleep, typically found where engineers gather at 3am in the morning cussing at their homework.
Engineer 1 : "Why ya lookin down, poche?"
Engieer 2: "Been workin' on this homework for 4 hours and I've only done one problem. Fuck it, I'm gonna look at pictures of cats"
by CSGinfotronix March 22, 2007
To spank lightly or to slap affectionately; to pet roughly. Used for pets.
Fluffy likes to be poched.
by Jillian Deveraux March 18, 2005
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