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a girl/guy giving head while the other person is taking a shit.
Plumkin-Please reference Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.
by your moms girlfriend September 08, 2008
118 40
when a girl gives a guy head while he takes a shit
Jill gave Jonny plumkins as he took a big crap.
by aprilg April 29, 2007
7 13
A small drop of shit.

Named for the noise it makes when hitting the water.
Gary: How was your shit?
Adam: It sucked, just a few plumkins.
by Plumaster1 June 02, 2010
14 28
When one takes more than the recommended dosage of a laxative and receives fellatio from a female while dropping the kids off at the pool, then she bobs for apples/indian food...
damn I feel incredible after that sick bitch gave me a plumkin
by sky the bull April 23, 2009
19 35
Noun; Pet word for a lover, esp. one who is sickly and in need of protection. See plimsole Not to be confused with pumpkin, the large orange vegetable.
C'mere plumkin, I think you need a cuddle.
by michaelkasp January 07, 2008
15 38